Socks ARE Sexy!

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Socks ARE Sexy!

I saw a post recently on a fellow sex blog [KinkCraft], simply entitled “Socks are Sexy”. It caught my eye because I’d been holding onto a cute little post on socks, mostly because I didn’t think there was any point in posting it. Who would be interested in my frilly little white socks? It’s like that one episode of Sex and the City where Carrie literally has nothing else to write about so she ends up writing about socks. Well, almost like that. I have plenty of other things to write about. I just think socks are important too.

“Books are indeed a fabulous gift but socks, well socks are magical. Whether they are little black lace ones with bows. Knee high paisley patterns or thigh high stripes. Socks are a joyous thing. The more coloured and patterned they are the more they will make you smile. Sock are fun, socks are playful and socks are sexy.”

Socks ARE sexy. They’re also incredibly underestimated. When people think of naughty lingerie they automatically think of a lacy little teddy-number, or maybe a sassy little garter belt and stocking combo? What about those cute and innocent frilly white socks that aren’t so innocent after all? Why aren’t more people writing about those? Why aren’t more people wearing them?

Socks ARE Sexy!

Whenever you read ‘how to spice up your sex’ style articles on a sex blog or in a magazine, they always suggest something from the latest Ann Summers collection. Or, if you’ve got some cash to splash, maybe even something from the Agent Provocateur line? Those are great, I love all of those, but what about going back to basics? Why doesn’t anyone ever talk about that?

You probably think I’m crazy, but wait. Just wait, okay?

Maybe there’s some part of it that takes me back to that “schoolgirl” era, but I fucking love a pair of frilly white socks. You know, when it was okay to dress up as a schoolgirl for your significant other and he wouldn’t be accused of, or feel like, a paedophile. I’ve actually had the schoolgirl discussion with a few men recently, all over 40 admittedly, but they’ve all told me that it used to be a ‘thing’ for them, but now it feels like it’s not allowed. Like lusting after someone dressed up in a schoolgirl’s outfit was not okay. When did that happen? Is it not okay now? Because I really love wearing those frilly white schoolgirl-esque socks, and definitely with a pretty little pleated skirt. And I look super cute with pigtails. They’re my lazy go-to style, and I totally rock it. I think it’s the innocent big blue eyes! 😉

But they make me feel innocently naughty, those little white frilly socks. Like whatever we’re about to do is super naughty, even when it probably won’t be. I like to leave them on, and even more so if everything else has been stripped off. I’m not a big fan of socks in bed, but frilly little white socks? They’re totally okay.

For the record, my white frilly ankle socks, which I wear with EVERYTHING, turn Bear on immensely.

It’s not just ankle socks either, although the whiter and frillier the better as far as I’m concerned. I’m a big fan of knee-high socks, especially those ones that look like sports socks. I once had a Threesome Flop with two men, and it all started over a pair of knee-high sports socks. I’ll be honest with you though, that threesome flop was exactly that – a flop. And the knee-high sports socks were the sexiest part of it.

Socks ARE Sexy!

*I’ll go into this at a later date, I promise. It’s a half-written blog post, but every time I try to finish it, I cringe too much. CRINGE.

But knee-high socks … There’s something about those damn socks too. Don’t you see? Socks ARE sexy. They really, really are.

I like knee-high socks because I’m too short for thigh highs. At just over 5’3”, thigh-high socks and boots tend to come just below sea-level for me, if you get my drift. I have a 27 inch inside leg. I wasn’t blessed with Gisele-like features. If I do find a pair that I can get on with, my legs, although not particularly fat, splurge out above and below the top elastic band that holds them up. It looks like burst sausages. A man once told me that, and now I can’t get the image out of mind. So that’s the thigh-highs out, in every sense of the word!

That also means most stockings are out. It’s a total shame because I have a serious love-affair with those old-school ones with the seam that runs right down the back of the leg. Those are so classically sexy, if I see someone wearing them I just can’t help myself. I’m immediately drawn to their legs … following that beautiful straight line … Fuck, I’m such a pervert.

Socks ARE Sexy!

Anyway, back to socks. Bear has now associated those frilly white socks with something sexy with me, and the knee-highs too even though he’s never physically seen me in them. I’ll wear the white ankle socks with My Little Pony pants and a white vest-top, no bra, whilst prancing around the house, looking cute and making breakfast. Y’know, something equally adorable and around those lines. But now, because he’s seen me like that and we always end up having sex, those socks are damn sexy. Even if I wear those white frilly ankle socks with Converse trainers and jeans, they’re still sexy. He can’t wait to get me out of the rest of my clothes so I’m back down to just those cute little socks again.

Whoever thought socks could be so sexy?

But yeah, I just had some stuff to say …. about socks.

Seriously though, socks ARE sexy!

*For the record, I have a #NSFW story to tell you about me and my socks. Keep your eyes peeled.*

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