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Bye Bye Courier Guy

Bye Bye Courier Guy

I should really tell you the story about what happened between Courier Guy and I. For those who don’t follow me on Twitter, I received the “I’m sorry but it’s not going to work” text that I knew one of us would need to send eventually. To be honest, I’m glad he did it for me. It’s not that he wasn’t a nice guy, he just wasn’t the right guy for me. There wasn’t an immediate spark – I didn’t find myself running to my phone hoping he’d text me, and there were times when I barely remembered to text him at all. Which brings me to the story of how we parted ways …

“I’m going to be honest with you. This probably isn’t going to work. On Saturday you ‘forgot’ to reply twice, you said it was due to work, and I can’t keep asking for you to come and see me. Which means to see you, I would need to travel all the way over to you. It was lovely to meet you, you are a lovely girl. I just can’t see this being committed. Probably more casual. And I don’t want that. So again, was lovely meeting you.” 

For fucks sake. I was busy! I sprung a surprise trip away on my best friend and then realised I had seven days left to pack a case, do all my laundry, tidy up the house enough to make it presentable for someone to come and take care of my cats, make sure all my work was finished off in time, email appropriate people to let them know I wouldn’t be working, arrange for someone to be in when parcels were due to arrive … I have a life. I’ve got shit to do. I can’t spend my time sat by the phone waiting for some guy to call.

And while we’re on the subject of one date, am I seriously meant to make a ‘committed’ decision so soon? I mean seriously, we’ve just met. Why are you asking me to commit to this already? It felt casual because it was casual – we had ONE date. On that one date, I realised we didn’t have as much chemistry as I thought we might, and I also realised the distance between us would probably pose a problem. I was still in the ‘I don’t know’ stage of this man. I was prepared to give it to the second date, if he requested one, at which point I would voice my concerns and see what happened from there. But as far as I was aware, he hadn’t requested a second date. I don’t think there was even a mention of a second date. He’d never brought it up with me, that’s for sure. So what’s this business about me not going to see him? He never asked me to … I’m so confused.

If I was in the ‘I don’t know’ stage before, I’m definitely not now. Some men just want too much too soon, and this guy was definitely one of them. I ‘forgot’ to reply on Saturday because I was busy. I wasn’t ignoring his text messages. I have been busy. I have a life. I don’t know how many times I need to keep saying this to people. My life seems to be a constant problem for the men I date. I thought men were meant to like dating driven women? It’s funny how so many of them can’t seem to quite handle me or my working hours.

But yeah, that’s what happened with Courier Guy. I simply responded with “Right okay. It was nice meeting you. I hope you find what you’re looking for.” At this point, I don’t see the point in explaining myself, or caring what he thinks of me. May I also just remind you that this is the second time he’s done the “I don’t think this is working out” bullshit. And last time he came back and chased me for a second chance.

Oh well. I didn’t like his butt anyway.

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2 Thoughts to “Bye Bye Courier Guy”

  1. I’m with you when you say “I don’t see the point in explaining myself, or caring what he thinks of me.”. The last one of these sort of texts I received where I asked for an explanation and tried to explain myself was just a huge waste of time. I’ve found that just flat-out not responding to them, ever, feels so much better than trying to justify who you are. Hope the next guy has a better butt ?

    1. notsosexinthecity

      Definitely. I keep explaining myself to men – I don’t think it’s going to work because of this, that, the other, etc. I always seem to get the same response – they get defensive and shirty with me and then I end up feeling like a piece of crap anyway. It was the second time he’d done that to me and the first time I DID explain myself – I was busy, I didn’t text you back because I was doing X, I’m sorry, if I disappear like that it’s usually because I’m working, blah, blah blah. I can’t keep explaining myself and in the end, they don’t stick around anyway. Pointless exercise. I can’t be bothered to argue anymore.


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