Second Date (Round Two) With Someone NewMy Dating Life Someone New 

Second Date (Round Two) With Someone New

Second Date (Round Two) With Someone New

A year ago, Someone New and I started dating. About six months ago, we broke up.

Now… We’re trying again.

I think.

Last night I had my second date (round two) with Someone New. The plan was to meet him at 6pm from his work, go for something to eat, have a couple of drinks (non-alcoholic of course) and I’d head home for about 1030pm to finish off editing some work with a deadline of midnight.


Well, I was an hour late for a start. I don’t know how I manage it. I genuinely don’t. How the hell did I hold down a full time job, a boyfriend (and at times, a husband), my writing career and a social life for the last ten years? I’m literally an hour late for everything. Perhaps I should work on that…

I met him at his work, no one else around because it was well after closing time, and all of a sudden I realised how ‘something’ it would have been if we’d just fucked right there and then. I just don’t know what that ‘something’ was. It was hardly a romantic setting but I think it might have been if the mood were right. Perhaps sexy? Passionate? I don’t know? The smell of leather was all around me, a scent I already find pretty intoxicating, plus there was no one else there. With just the emergency lights left on, the lighting was perfect and there was a full-length mirror right there in front of us…

I don’t know. If it hadn’t been shark-week, I’d have pounced. That’s all I’m saying. But I get the impression he was thinking the same way too, especially when he kissed me, long and hard, reaching down and giving my butt a frustrated squeeze in that way he does…

We went for dinner, steak of course, and we chatted and laughed and ate. It was awesome. At no point in the evening did I want to leave, my anxiety behaved itself, my outfit did the job it was designed for… This is probably how things should have gone the first time around.

He knew I had a work deadline so that whole ‘will I / won’t I have sex with him tonight’ pressure had already been dealt with and actually, the entire evening was thoroughly enjoyable. I would go as far as to say I had a really great second date. Plus, when I tell you he couldn’t and didn’t keep his hands off me, that’s exactly what I mean. He couldn’t. He was always touching me, not in an overtly sexual way, but in a touchy way. He’d be holding my hand under the table (sitting next to me, not opposite), or resting it on my leg. Touching my arm or stroking my face… He made me feel like I was the best Christmas present in the world, like he’d unwrapped something he’d always wanted. It was a great feeling. I was a little disappointed I couldn’t take him home but there’s something to be said for anticipation.

Second Date (Round Two) With Someone New

I’m a little worried about diving into this if I’m honest. He’s made his feelings for me blatantly clear. He loves me. He’s crazy for me. He isn’t giving me up again. This is our second chance and he’s grabbing it and holding on with both hands.

Second Date (Round Two) With Someone New

Did we really have enough the first time around for me warrant giving it a second shot? I guess technically, I already am giving it a second shot. I’m actually really looking forward to our third date. I don’t know if our third date (round two) will be the date I let him take me to bed, but the butterflies are back. Something’s happening. I definitely, 100% want to meet him late from work again…

We kinda had the exclusive chat. I say kinda, he brought it up and I reminded him that we’d been on just two dates. Not that there’s anyone else in the picture… Out of respect, I’ve hidden my POF profile. But we’ve had *cough* phone sex. Technically, that’s still sex. I don’t have sex with multiple people so he’s the only one I’m having sex with. In any sense of the word.

I guess Someone New and I are back together again. Ish. 

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