How I Feel About Caitlyn Jenner Becoming ‘Woman of the Year’

I’m a woman. I’ve been a woman for almost thirty years. During those thirty years, I’ve had the pleasure and misfortune of going through all the things a woman needs to go through. I went through puberty. I’ve experienced 17 years of menstruation and all the joys *sarcasm* that brings with it. I’ve battled raging hormones, crushes on boys, sexism in the workplace, sexism in my marriage, body-image issues, weight loss and weight gain, insecurities…

Being a woman is hard work. 

I’m not saying guys don’t have it rough. I know how much hard work it is to understand a woman, to deal with her mood swings and her unpredictable mind. But you don’t have periods. You don’t go though childbirth either. Neither have I yet but that’s not the point. I’m probably going to. You’re never going to experience that. You blurt your load and the rest of it, the hard work, is down to us.

When I heard that Caitlyn Jenner was in the running for the Woman of the Year award, I actually thought it was a joke. Probably one of those things Perez Hilton-style bloggers would say, you know? But she went and won that award. And today, I saw a little thing that Katie Hopkins said in response to something Caitlyn had said.

I’ll start with the Caitlyn-classic:

“The hardest part of being a woman is figuring out what to wear.”

Then what Katie Hopkins said:

“Caitlyn, get over yourself bird. Do something. Say something. Be something. Women are more than dresses & photoshoots.”

Okay then…

How I Feel About Caitlyn Jenner Becoming ‘Woman of the Year’ The hardest part of my day might be figuring out what to wear but that’s definitely not the hardest thing about being a woman. How dare she? Sorry, in fact for that line, she doesn’t deserve ‘she’. That’s something a MAN would have said. Are you kidding me? And this ‘chick’ won Woman of the Year?!

Ha! What a joke! 

Although I hate to admit it sometimes, I generally agree with pretty much everything Katie Hopkins says to some extent. I agreed with her views on weight loss and now I agree with her views on Caitlyn Jenner. Such a sexist, derogatory line towards ‘fellow’ women really does question how she ever won the award with that kind of attitude. To win that award you need to BE a woman and that means really BEING a woman – the tears, the turmoil, the crazy behaviour, the raging hormones, the long, hard battle to finally be equal to men and even then, in many cases, still not quite being there yet.

There are women in third world countries having their sexual organs mutilated simply because they are women. Women are still not paid as much as men in so many places. Women are not taken seriously alongside men. Being someone who once worked in the mobile phone industry, I cannot tell you how many times I was faced with this kind of sexism every single day. At first it used to bug me but the longer I worked there, the more I realised this worked in my favour. For every male customer who came in and actually, one hundred percent ignored me, choosing to wait in silence for a man to serve them rather than a woman, I got a few more minutes to relax and chill out. I still hit my sales figures because I was really good at my job. I didn’t need assholes like that.

But, all that stuff aside, women need to go through some serious shit in order to be called a woman. Heartaches, heartbreaks, love, lust and sexuality, insecurities, emotions, hormones, getting screwed around by men… Figuring out what to wear is the very least of our problems and the fact that Caitlyn Jenner had the balls to even think that yet alone say it, proves that she has just that – balls.

Women, real women, empower other women. They don’t say stuff like that. What happens between girls stays between girls. That’s the whole sisterhood-pact right? You don’t drop another woman in the shit, so to speak. That’s what she did. Caitlyn Jenner single-handedly felled all other powerful women in the world with one simple line – all women need to worry about is looking good, picking the right outfit, having the right hairstyle…

That’s no woman. A real woman would never have said that. She’s certainly not a woman I’d choose to have in my life.

So how do I feel about Caitlyn Jenner becoming ‘Woman of the Year’? Pretty disgusted is how I feel about it. I get that she’s a role model and she really is in some ways. But she’s not a woman. How can you be a woman of the year when you haven’t even been a woman for a year yet? It makes absolutely no bloody sense to me.

I can tell you this though – I’m sure if the boot were on the other foot and Caitlyn had transformed herself into Bruce, he would never win ‘Man of the Year’.

Something to think about. 

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