These Are The Lessons You Need To Learn About Breakups

TheBadass2-2So….. I finally did something! I finally finished that book I kept saying I was going to finish but never did.

(It’s a book about breakups… It’s hard to finish a book about breaking up with someone when you’re trying to fall hopelessly in love with someone else.)

Well, when that one inevitably ended too, I decided to take some of my own advice. I decided to read my book and follow the advice I was giving to other women. All those things I’d learned throughout my years of breaking up, all the things I did wrong, I decided to learn from them. Oh, and do things slightly differently this time around.

I DID take the advice I gave to others in this book and I finally got around to finishing too. Technically that’s killing two birds with one stone. Who said breaking up couldn’t be productive? But anyway, I took my own advice and it worked. It actually worked. What could have been another crappy breakup became more than that. It became productive, helpful and an experience I actually benefitted from.

These are the lessons I learned throughout my breakups. These are the lessons you need to learn… When enough is enough. When you should stop fighting. When you should give up and stop being a mug. When you’re making yourself look like a nutter. I’m not judging you for your behaviour… But he is. And so are his friends, your friends, and any potential new boyfriends that many hear about your behaviour.

Plus all this crazy behaviour; it’s counterproductive. How can you help yourself and move on when you’re still glued to his Facebook page? Do you want to know how I managed to stop myself doing that? Let me tell you…

…I can’t give away all my secrets!

The book is FREE for a limited time only on Amazon Kindle so give it a read and let me know what you think! If you love it, feel free to leave me a cheeky review while you’re there. I’d love you forever for it! :*

Check it out here: The Badass Bitches Guide to Breakups

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