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Closing Chapter Director

Wow… I woke up to an ANGRY man. It seems I’ve upset The Director. What a shame.

I’m angry too. In fact, I win the angry battle. I had so many things I wanted to say to his shitty 8am rebuttal but there’s no point. I don’t want to talk to him, he doesn’t want to hear from me. I’ll vent my frustrations here instead.

I knew he’d be angry. Waking up to the, “You’re ditched” message is never nice but when did he expect me to do it? And how? We attempted to talk before he went on the stag do. We’ve attempted to talk since he got back. He’s busy, always busy. I haven’t seen him in almost four weeks I think? This isn’t dating. This is bullshit.

I was honest with my reasons – hiring someone else to do the job I’d been doing for free, or at he very least talking about it, was like a kick in the teeth. I wouldn’t have dreamed of even thinking of saying something like that to him. He knew it would piss me off yet he went ahead and just told me anyway. Like, here’s the info, now go ahead and react. So I did. What did he expect? I’m a WOMAN. One who told him time and time again it didn’t feel as if he were taking me seriously. So he hired a man to do what I was already doing. Smart move. Ten out of ten stars for twat.

I told him we flatlined more often than we didn’t and I think it was for the best if we left it at that. I had a good time, it wasn’t working, take it easy.

When I woke up at 8am, I had two messages from him in response.

That’s when I got mad. Real mad.

He told me it was the “overreaction of the century“. For a man who overreacts so freely, he uses this line a lot. Twat. And a hypocrite too!

He said that he hadn’t actually finalised the details with the guy he was hiring to do the job I’d been doing. It was just an idea. Sure it was. That’s why he told me he was going to do it and thought it was a good idea. If it was just an ‘idea’, he wouldn’t have told me at all. He MUST have known it would piss me off.

He’d had enough of me “flying off the handle” and “overreacting” and although he had real, genuine feelings for me, I’d been “bashing” them out of him. I’d love to know how. Perhaps it’s because I’m a woman with a mind of her own. My “overreacting” is simply REACTING to a situation he created. If I tell him he’s not taking me seriously and then he hires a man to finish off the job I’d started, I’m going to react. He knew that. He was well aware how much of a battle I’d had being a woman in my previous industry. He knew that was a sore point for me. Yet he went ahead and used it anyway and then wondered why I reacted.

I repeat, twat.

Oh and as for genuine feelings, he’s gotta be kidding. The only genuine feelings I got out of him were when I were bouncing up and down on his cock. I couldn’t read him. He was unreadable. One minute he’d be holding my hand and then the next, I didn’t hear from him for three days. Maybe if he’d shown these genuine feelings, we’d have worked out better. But he didn’t. So we didn’t.

Genuine feelings? TWAT!

He made it clear he wanted me to “take the initiative” and I hadn’t done that. Fuck off. When was I meant to do that? When we had thirty seconds to talk before he went to bed? Or when he went on the stag do? Or as he’s leaving for the event for the weekend after, or the exams he’s got this week? When the fuck was I meant to have taken some initiative? He made it very clear to me that he was busy and he didn’t have time. Crystal clear!

“This just makes me think we’re incompatible, as a couple in any case…” 

That was my favourite line. I’d been saying that for a while. Weeks. I wanted someone more boyfriendy. He wasn’t the boyfriendy-type. We weren’t compatible. I guess it could only be taken seriously when HE said it.

“I am missing something as I don’t see anything remotely offensive in what I wrote before I went to bed.” 

Another favourite. Before I went ahead and ‘ditched’ him, I gave him a full and detailed evaluation of why and how what he’d said to me was offensive. Awesome. He’s clearly reading my messages as little as he’s actually responding to them.

The second message…

“Do me a favour and don’t message me for a few days as to be honest, I am pretty raging about your message and I may something I don’t mean.”

Boom. There you go. That’s it. That’s exactly why we’re breaking up. He’s allowed to be as raging as he likes about what he likes and I’m not allowed to say anything about it. He can say what he likes, call me a whore as much as he likes, treat me like a booty call as much as he likes and I’m NOT allowed to be pissed off about it. Classic example of a classic cunt.

And then, to top things off quite nicely, y’know, in case there weren’t already enough cherries on this already disastrously baked cake, within minutes of reading and replying to my message, he was back on POF. Hahahaha. Genuine feelings? As I said, the only genuine feelings I got out of him was when he was balls deep inside me. Point proved. He’s a cunt.

I guess that’s the end of Chapter Director.

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