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The Second First Date

So I went on the second first date with The Director. You know because I couldn’t remember the first one and all. So much has happened. I don’t even know where to begin.

I worried about the whole new relationship thing and the dodgy smear situation for a few hours but ultimately decided to cross that bridge when I came to it. After all they might not even need to do any procedures to me this time around. It might be fine. We might not even make it that far. After we’ve only had a couple of dates. We haven’t known each other for very long. I decided not to tell him. Of course after two glasses of wine, I told him. Don’t worry, I didn’t get blind drunk this time. I had a couple of glasses of wine and I watered my wine down with lemonade. Yes, I had gotten a tad tipsy but I wasn’t blind drunk. I had a good time. I shall get to that don’t worry.

I was worried that he would run off because sex is important to him and if I needed LLETZ again, that would be me out of action for another six months or so again. Just like last time… He wasn’t bothered though. He said it was OK. Intimacy was the thing he was trying to state the importance of – it’s not always about sex. Sometimes it’s a blowjob or hand-holding or just a simple cuddle. He’s not that bothered if I’m out of action for a while. It doesn’t mean we miss out on sex entirely, it just means we can’t do certain things. I’m a ‘top girl’ and although the sex is the ‘best he’s ever had’ it’s not all I am to him. The sex is just an added bonus. He’s used to sexless relationships despite his ridiculously high sex drive. He’s just making the most of what I have on offer right now. You know because I was the slut who put out on the first date and all

Sorry, do you mind if I just talk about this for a moment? On our second date he told me I was the best sex he’d ever had. I’m going to be honest, I think he might have meant it. He CANNOT keep his hands off me. I’m not kidding. His hands are always on me. When we’re at his he will casually feel down my bra or in my pants, cupping me. His hand will be on my ass when we’re doing things around his house. In the car he’ll be touching my arm or groping my leg. He likes to hold my hand and kiss my neck. He also likes to kiss me on the forehead. I love that, don’t you? It’s like the cutest, smallest kiss but you only get that kiss if you mean a little something… You know? It makes me melt when dudes kiss me on the forehead. Special dudes obviously.

Seeing as I remembered very little from date number one, I decided to reevaluate a few things on date one part two. He’s older than I remembered him looking. He’s greyer too. His body isn’t in quite as great shape as the one he sent me in the photos but I’m pretty sure that’s because of an injury. He’s having physio and stuff right now. He’s still in great shape though, don’t get me wrong. But he’s definitely in the 40 and over age bracket. And, well, I’m not. I’m still very much in my twenties and I look as such. What is it about these older guys that gets me every time? He’s not the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen in my life but he’s definitely not the ugliest. It’s his personality that I’ve started to become quite fond of. His personality makes him so much more attractive than he is. Does that even make sense?

When you add to his personality (which I’m clearly attracted to) this great sexual connection we’ve had since date number one, I’m sure you can understand that I’m starting to get quite fond of him full stop. He’s nice. Dangerous perhaps but nice. He’s funny but he does tell ‘Dad jokes’ which is a little off-putting. Plus he lets his cats go up on the kitchen counter which I find a little gross but hey, he’s a crazy cat man. I’m a crazy cat girl. I’m sure I can let that go. Or maybe I can tweak him a little to stop letting them do that. Probably not but I hardly see that as a basis for ending something I would quite like to get started.

He has a lot of stories to tell which is what intrigues me the most. He seems to have lived a thousand lives. He always has a funny anecdote or a cute little story to tell. I get the impression he loves the sound of his own voice sometimes but that’s okay because I kinda love the sound of it too. I don’t really think there’s any point in denying this – I really like this guy. He’s gotten under my skin and we spent the entire day on the couch just lying there, talking and doing the whole Netflix and chill thing. It’s not a just-sex thing. It was a sex thing the night before but the next day, that’s not all it was. I skipped to the shops to buy goodies for breakfast and we sat on the couch munching out just like you should the morning after a night of fine wine and great sex….

Which I shall get to next time. I can’t give all my secrets away at once! 😉

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