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Netflix and Chill

He said I was the best sex he ever had. He said that to me. The Director said that to me on our second date. Holy fuck.

To be fair we had such great sex the neighbours complained the next day which was more than a little embarrassing. Apparently they had heard us shagging two nights that week and the wife had made the husband come round and tell us to shut the fuck up. Can you believe that actually happened? I know I’m not a silent partner but I’m hardly a screamer. He can get pretty vocal though. If they heard him, they’d have heard some pretty shocking things…

We were both tipsy. OK perhaps a little bit more than tipsy. He’d done two bottles of red wine and I’d done two or three glasses of wine with lemonade. We were meant to be all Netflix and chill but it didn’t really happen. We were flicking through the music channels taking the piss out of the bad videos. Next thing I know, we’re half naked and he’s making me squirt on the living room rug. It’s hard work keeping my clothes on around him. I don’t even know how he does it. He brings out my inner porn star. I thought she’d fucked off a long time ago to be fair. The only person that seemed to bring her out these days is My Mr. Grey and it’s not like he’s been around. It’s been a while since I had sex that blew my mind. Well overdue if you ask me.

We were on the couch, then on the floor and at one point, we had even made our way under the coffee table. We fucked on every stair on the way up and across the landing to the bedroom. He lifted me up and threw me on the bed. Grabbing my ankles, he moved me closer to him and managed to flip me over all at the same time. Did I mention he was skilled in martial arts? With firm, almost painfully stern hands on my hips, he brutally fucked me from behind and at times, he even slipped a cheeky thumb in my ass. He has a massive obsession with my ass. It’s almost too much. It’s ‘perfect’ and his ‘new favourite thing’. Those are his words by the way. I’ve already mentioned he’s a big fan of rimming and anal play. It turns out, I don’t hate it either. Or I didn’t when I was lying on my front and he was buried face deep in my ass. I didn’t hate that at all. In fact I quite liked it. I never knew I could be such a little slut.

Didn’t I want a man who could push my boundaries? Wasn’t that just what I was asking for? It turns out if you wish hard enough sometimes it does come true! I didn’t let him fuck my ass despite his begging, literally begging at that. I gotta make him work for something. I don’t know how he manages to bring out the inner whore in me. Someone New tried to for eight months and never managed it. What is it about this guy that drives me so godamn nuts? He’s not even that good looking! I mean he is but he isn’t. Ugh. I don’t know.

I have so much fun with this guy. He makes me feel really good about myself. I think that’s why he’s bringing out the slut in me – because he makes me feel comfortable enough to do it. I thought the second date would be weird and awkward because I didn’t remember the things we’d done together but it wasn’t. In fact I went with the whole ‘he’s already seen me at my worst’ philosophy. And he has, hasn’t he? What could I possibly do on the second date? I’d already embarrassed myself enough.

I told him about my concerns. I told him I was worried sleeping with him on the first date had given him the wrong impression of me (and vice versa) and what I wanted from him. I told him that this kind of behaviour wasn’t the kind of thing I do very often and it definitely wasn’t something I’d done for a long time. I’m a good girl now. Apparently I’m a good girl with a real badass side. I knew she was in there somewhere.

The way he kisses me literally destroys me. Perfect little kisses getting deeper in intensity, it just proves my point that older men make for much better lovers. He knows exactly what he’s doing. He knows how to kiss me and he knows where to kiss me. He knows how to nibble on my neck and collarbone. He knows how to move his fingers inside me to make me cum really hard. He knows when to pinch and bite my nipples and when to play with them softly. I’m mush when he touches me. He could literally do what he wanted with me. I have no will power or restraint around him. Apparently I have no dignity either.

But man was it good. Fuck good, it was great. Sluttiness aside, it was amazing. It was everything – slow and soft and sensual one minute and the next it was hard, slamming, vicious, hands-grabbing and mouths biting. It was intense. At times I couldn’t handle it. Not just intense, it was relentless too. Hours upon hours of it. He can do his thing and keep going…. Multiple times! I’ve never met a man like him. I didn’t even realise men could do that with their bodies. It’s incredible. For a man 12 years my senior, he’s certainly got some fucking stamina. I just want to play with him for hours. I want to lie him down, blindfold him, put some music on, turn down the lights, light some candles and just play with him. I want to lick his body from head to toe. I want to put red lipstick on and kiss every inch of him. There’s a little part of me that wants to see how mad I can drive him when I slip a finger in his ass like he keeps asking me to.

You see – this is what he does to me. He makes me want to do things I didn’t and haven’t wanted to do with the other men I’ve dated. Someone New tried desperately to get closer to my ass and never once succeeded. The Director gets me good and drunk on the first date and orders me to act like some Christy Mack character for him and I roll over and play Little Miss Submissive and do as I’m told. What the actual fuck? How?

I could go on talking about this all night and no doubt there will be many more posts to come. But for now all I can say is this – I am having incredible sex with a man I don’t think is all that good looking, who I know very little about, and who I can’t really see much of a future with.

I did say I wanted a little bit of adventure.

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