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There Is You And One Other Girl

So following on from my previous post, I decided to straight up ask The Gemini what the crack was between us. He sent me another message on the site even though we had been chatting on Whatsapp all day and I asked him straight:

“Why are you still messaging me on POF?”

“Haha I don’t know. I just saw your face and couldn’t resist”

I didn’t really know what to say back so I didn’t bother. A few minutes later he sent me another message:

“I’m getting lots of messages today. It must peak on a Sunday!”

What? Why would he say that to me? Why??? I wouldn’t dream of telling him how many other guys he was coming up against. Surely that kind of behaviour is just counter-productive? I don’t really want to know how many other women I would be up against. It wouldn’t be cool of us to be like that and talk about that to each other’s faces so why would it be OK to say that to me over the phone?

I decided to handle the situation with humour because let’s face it, there is no other way of appropriately handling that.

“What kinda hotties have I gotta fight off? What am I up against?” 

What he said next shocked me. I wasn’t prepared for such cringe-worthy honesty…

“I wouldn’t worry about that. To be honest I was talking to about 8 women to start with who I thought… You know… Maybe. 

Now there is just you and one other girl. She seems nice. This is so weird. 

Is that too honest? Honestly I like you more than her.

That sounds so crass.”

Wow. Did he want a spade to help with all that digging? Could he have said any more of the wrong things? I cannot believe he was that honest with me. But should I appreciate his honesty? Is he genuinely honest or is this just a game like I think it was with Someone New?

It’s nice to know that he likes me more than this other girl obviously. But he’s probably saying the exact same thing to her too right? Plus if he genuinely meant that wouldn’t he just scrap this other woman off and put all his effort into me?

What he has said has just opened a brand new can of worms here. No one has ever talked to me about the other women they’re chatting to before. It’s like all of a sudden, I have something brand new to worry about that hadn’t even entered my mind before. Of course I am aware I will have competition when I meet a man on an internet dating site but I wasn’t aware that it was perfectly okay to talk about such things. Is it okay? I don’t think it is. I would rather have not known I think.

Christ I cannot seem to get a break here. Or maybe it’s really not so bad and I’m just overreacting? I guess time will tell…

At least he likes me more than her right?

I need some more advice: How do you handle such shocking honesty from a man you meet online? 

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