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The 3 Weirdest Sexual Experiences I’ve Ever Had – Part Two

You may remember that I wrote a post a couple of days ago – The 3 Weirdest Sexual Experiences I’ve Ever Had? Well…. This is the second part of it! 🙂

The second weirdest sexual experience I’ve had doesn’t involve a garden shed. I was about the same age however, this time I was single. And didn’t I know it.

Bestie and I lived together in this tiny little apartment that we trashed, quite frankly. We had a Halloween party one night and it was quite the talk of the town. We had covered all the walls of the apartment in black garbage bags, and had scattered fake spiders, glow in the dark silly string, and all manner of other halloweeny-themed decorations around.

I was dressed as a sexy vampire with a corset that tucked my boobs right under my chin. I looked good that night with my high platform boots and the fangs that made me look so much naughtier than normal. My main intention that night was to get laid. That’s why I wore that corset. It made my waist look tiny and my tits look massive. There is no other reason to wear a corset. It’s not like they’re a comfortable item of clothing.

However, my main intention was to get laid. What I didn’t expect was quite as many options…

I had invited a number of people to the party, some of which were ex work colleagues. There was Goth Guy – the Marilyn Manson lookalike with a MASSIVE cock. One of my female friends dated him for a while (I slept with her too – oops), and apparently, he had the biggest cock she had ever seen in her life. I didn’t get that far. We had a few nights where we came pretty close but for some reason, the deed was never done. I don’t know why.

Anyway, by the end of the night, he was naked in my bed, waiting for me to join him. The only problem with this is that there was ALSO the cute, curly-haired guy from work chatting me up in the kitchen, and he clearly thought he was in with a chance too. I needed to make my mind up because the end of the night was getting really close. Plus Bestie was getting annoyed. He knew he’d probably end up having to get rid of the ones I didn’t want for the night. Male best friend duties…? (I’d do the same for him, and have done a few times.)

There was one other guy at the party – a guy whose name I can’t remember, but I invited him because he was my ‘back-up guy’. I knew I could have him if it all fell through with everyone else. Well, he thought he was going to be more than my back-up plan and got really clingy and annoying, so I started with a fight with him just so I could get him to leave.

Just as I was making my mind up, right at the end of the night, The Fireman – the guy mentioned in the first weird sex story, knocked on my door. He had been on a night out himself. One minute we were talking by the front door and the next, he was hanging out the back of me, as I was hanging out my bathroom window. Everyone else was still partying away and getting in the last of the booze before the daylight hours hit, and I was getting fucked in my bathroom. The naked guy was still in my bed, and the curly haired guy was still waiting for me in the kitchen… Right next door to the bathroom.

(The fuck was I thinking?)

I could hear Bestie calling me from the living room so I did what I do best – I ran. The Fireman only lived a little way down the road, so without even grabbing my shoes, we waited until there was no longer anyone in the kitchen, bolted down the stairs, and headed for his where we had a night of what always happens when we get between the sheets – AMAZING sex.

Of course, the morning after the night before was a total nightmare. I didn’t even think to grab my purse before I left, and I didn’t grab a pair of shoes either. He didn’t have any cash on him, so at 8am the next morning, I did the walk of shame pure-tramp style, with no shoes on, a halloween corset tucking my tits under my chin, and last night’s horror makeup smeared all around my face.

I can only imagine it was an attractive look…

But yeah, having that many guys literally panting for me in one house was definitely one of the weirdest experiences I’ve ever had. It’s not one I think I’d like to recreate anytime soon. It still makes me cringe.

I don’t really know what I was thinking back then. I was bullied pretty badly at school so male attention was something that never really came easy for me. That was, of course, until I left school and got my first job where I happened to be surrounded by teenage lads with raging hormones… and I was a pretty little blonde thing who was finding herself sexually. That’s what I blame – finding myself sexually. I guess in reality, I was just a bit of a slut. And why not? Who cares? I used a condom, was sexually smart, and I like to think I learned a few things along the way.

Not that I’m justifying it, of course. I don’t need to justify it to anyone.

So that’s my second weird sex story. The night I was part of an actual mating ritual.

The 3 Weirdest Sexual Experiences I’ve Ever Had

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  1. Yes, it goes to show that vampires shouldn’t walk around outdoors after sunrise! 😉

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