D.I.V.O.R.C.E. – A Year + Later.

Do you want to know what really pisses me off? I really want to divorce the Hubby but he’s making life difficult. Again.

We had a chat a while ago and agreed to pay half each. Firstly, as much as I probably could afford to pay for it all if I didn’t eat for a couple of months and saved as much money as I could, I shouldn’t have to. And secondly, I’m putting my fucking foot down. I’m not paying for that prick anymore. The whole time we were together he took the fucking piss out of me whether it was cheating on me, smacking me about, or leaving me with no money as he snapped bank accounts before he went away with work for FOUR months. Yes, that’s right. That’s what he did to me… Because he’s a prick.

We all know the story of the Hubby. I’ve talked about it enough. I’m not getting into all that again. The thing that has pissed me off this morning is the fact that we still aren’t divorced almost 4 years later! The last time we spoke (over a year ago now), he told me that I’d have to pay for it all. Now, a DIY divorce (which is what we’ve agreed we’ll do as we don’t really need solicitors) will set us back about £400-500 from what I can make out, depending on what company we use for the paperwork plus court fees, etc. I don’t have that much money spare every month. After my two websites got shut down because of new financial regulations (another story for another time), I lost a massive chunk of my income which, in hindsight, I probably should have used to just divorce his good-for-nothing ass. 6 months later I’m only just getting myself back on track and getting used to living without that extra income. Losing that income was like a kick in the balls.

Anyway, back to a year ago when we last spoke, I said these exact words to him and made him agree to pay for half of the divorce:

“Ok, let me refresh your memory. We borrowed almost 700 euros for the car insurance. You were there at that point. You never paid that back. I did. Also, when you snapped the bank card, you left me for four months where I had to borrow money from family and friends. I’ll let you total that up. That’s before we even start on the rest of the drama that you nicely bought to our marriage. Listen, you either take me to court and I will bring the emails, like the ones that agree with what I said because “you were trying to shut me up” plus records from hospital/police etc. or we do this 50/50 and I can get you the hell out of my life.”

Closely followed by:

“Do you really think I still want to be associated with a woman beating scumbag like you? For once in my life, I’m standing up for myself. We go 50/50, final line. I’m not having this discussion with you anymore.”

Long story short, he agreed to pay half…. a year ago. I DID stand up for myself. I wasn’t responsible for the breakdown of our marriage. HE was. Why the fuck should I have to pay £500 out of my own pocket, after all the money I’ve already shelled out to cover his ass? It’s the first time I’ve ever stood up for him. Even when I left, I left without him knowing. I had to…. I’ll talk about that another time.

A year later, we’re still not divorced and he’s currently living it up in Thailand. It’s funny that – he couldn’t afford to give me half the money so that we could finally get divorced, but he can afford to go to Thailand and have a lads piss-up holiday where no doubt he’ll once again make his way around the hookers and lady-boys. That’s the kinda ‘classy’ guy he is. Why the hell did I ever think marrying him was a great idea?!

Oh, this brings me nicely to the next point that I don’t believe I’ve mentioned yet…. A while ago, a soldier that knew the Hubby came into where I worked and recognised me from back when we were together. He told me that Hubby had gone to the other side of the world (when I was also over there) and got a local girl pregnant. She’s now raping him for maintenance money every month. To be fair, I’m surprised he’s not babied someone up already. He caught gonorrhoea for fucks sake – he clearly doesn’t know how to use a rubber.

So, even though he apparently has a child to pay for every month, and he’s currently on a lads holiday to Thailand, he still can’t afford to give me half the money so I can get rid of his last name and remove any traces of him ever being in my life.

Why is he making this so fucking difficult?

Every time we talk, he acts as though it’s me thats dragging their heels. I told him when I first got home from the other side of the world two and a half years ago that I wanted to get divorced but I wouldn’t be paying for it by myself. This has been going on for too long now. At one point am I expected to just give up yet again and let him have his own way?

I’m in no hurry to get married again. We’ve already pretty much established that Jock is so far away from being ready to propose that its beyond a joke. But that’s not the point. Why won’t he just give me half the money so we can get this finally sorted? Why is it always down to me to sort out?

I guess money really does make the world go round. It certainly would help with EVERYONE I know right now. I need more money to divorce my husband, get out of debt, and buy those Valentino studded shoes that I’ve been lusting after for months. Jock needs money to get himself out of debt, find an actual inhabitable place to live, and buy me an engagement ring. Everyone could do with having a little more money, right? I make a joke about it all but in all seriousness, life really would be a lot easier with a bit more money.

When did everything, including love, get so money-based? 


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