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RIP Stephen Sutton

This morning I read something that truly broke my heart. Stephen Sutton, the guy behind the £3million raised for Teenage Cancer Trust, has passed away. Let the tears commence.

RIP Stephen Sutton I have followed this guy for a while, and have been eagerly awaiting his every Tweet, Facebook update, and new adventure. When he started working his way through his bucket list, it encouraged me to start working on my own. When he started raising huge amounts of money, I started getting a flush of pride for him. He was such an inspirational guy – 19 years old and dying from terminal cancer. It just seems so… unfair?

I don’t know why my heart strings were tugged quite so much by this lad. Or what has caused the flow of tears that followed every story I’d read about him, and especially today when I saw that Facebook post from his mother. I’d never met him, probably never would meet him, but still his story made me tear up every time I read an account of it. It just goes to show how fast life can pass us by, and how much we really take for granted.

RIP Stephen Sutton

When he started raising more and more money, it would seem as if he were going from strength to strength, quite literally. The more money that poured in, and the more celebrities that jumped on the fundraising bandwagon, the better he started to feel. He was even out of hospital at one point until sadly, he was readmitted, but this time, never to come back out again.

I don’t know how I would feel if I were to be told that I had cancer at the age of 27, which makes me look on with disbelief at the amazing way that this young lad handled it. He didn’t look upon it as a death sentence, but instead worked his way through the things he always wanted to do before he died. His Tweets and Facebook updates were thankful, not full of sorrow. He was full of life… Even at the end, you could tell he meant every “Thank You” that he wrote to the people that were urging him to raise even more money – the people that happily grabbed their phones and donated that money that would potentially help to make the life better for other teenage and young kids suffering with the same fate. It’s a truly inspirational story, and one that most of us aren’t likely to forget.

RIP Stephen Sutton

I try to do things for charity where possible. I’ve run a couple of Race For Life’s for Cancer Research, as well as walking on fire to raise money for a young kids cancer charity. I donate blood (where possible with my multiple tattoos and piercings) and I’ve even signed up to donate stem cells and bone marrow. I also want to run the London Marathon, although I think I’ve missed the boat for 2015…. Shame! Lol! (I’m definitely not physically ready for it yet!)

*OK, I admit. I’ve only ever given blood once because needles terrify me!* 

I donated money to @StephensStory and if you haven’t already, I’d urge you to do the same. Stephen might have sadly passed away, but behind this legacy is hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of young kids that are suffering the same fate, and not being quite so publicly followed, or fundraised for. Your tiny donation could make the world of difference to them, just like it made the world of difference to Stephen Sutton. Isn’t that worth picking up the phone for?

If you DO want to donate, I’ll pop the fundraising details at the bottom of this page.

RIP Stephen Sutton

Life REALLY is too short, isn’t it? You never know when your time will come. Sometimes it scares me to know that cancer is all around us, and any one of us could be struck down with it at any time. Death is just around the corner, and sometimes, I feel that it is wise to remember this. That silly fight you’re having with your boyfriend or girlfriend… Is it really worth it? Is it time for you to throw your arms around them, apologise and tell them you love them? If we can learn anything from Stephen’s Story, and hopefully we all learn a lot, it’s that life really is over in the blink of an eye. And far, far too soon.

Of course, I must add that I am sending every ounce of love I have to his family and friends, who must be out-of-this world proud of him and what he has achieved, on top of being heartbroken at the thought that they will never get the chance to see, touch, hug or talk to their beloved Stephen again. Who’d have thought that such a sad death could have such a positive spin? Just think of all the other teenagers who will have a chance to tick off the things on their bucket list before they too sadly pass away because of that £3.2million. We should ALL be proud of him. Immensely proud.

So yeah, I’m sad today. I’m sad that we have lost an absolute legend. A guy that fought for every penny of that £3.2million, right to the very end. I guess we could all learn a lot from him, eh?

RIP Stephen xo 

RIP Stephen Sutton

If you want to make a difference, check these out:

Alternatively, you can donate by texting the word “STEPHEN” to 70500. This will take £5 from your credit, or add it to your mobile phone bill, and donate it to the Teenage Cancer Trust. You can also give Gift Aid!

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  1. Seb

    Top guy, I found it quite insulting that some people complained that they were “duped” by him to donate because he didn’t pass on sooner than he did. The selfishness of some is astounding, considering it clearly shows their reason for donating wasn’t done to much to help others, but to feed their own egos (and not in the healthy way). Regardless, this dude is fucking epic. He’s done and contributed more in his life in an incredibly short space of time than most people will who live to reach 80. Hopefully he’ll inspire others to seize the day more on a permanent basis and it’s not something temporary for people to be moved by.

    1. I agree with everything you just said. So much love for him. I hope, when I go out, I go out with a smile on my face knowing that I’ve done “my bit”… Such an inspiration to us all!

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