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Pretty Sure He’s Hitting On Me.

Remember the Lesser Spotted Lethario? I’m pretty sure he’s hitting on me. Like I’m almost one hundred percent certain now. The Bestie I’ve Never Had a Dalliance With suggested it a couple of weeks back. Now I’m pretty sure he is.

We had a chat tonight, the Lethario and I. Let’s start with that. I was doing the dishes wearing my pink Marvel pyjama bottoms, the tightest white vest top you’ll ever seen, and a tit-plumping grey frilly bra that left my cleavage under my chin. Oh and I had no shoes on and my feet stank from wearing those ugly sneakers they keep making me wear at work. I had spilled water all down the front of me from where I had been washing the dishes, and a nipple almost escaped when I bounced back up from the washing machine. I seem to look like a skank every time he sees me. Why is this? For fucks sake.

We chatted for a bit and he invited me outside for a smoke. I accepted. It would have been rude not to. I threw a hoody over my popping-out-to-say-hello tits, and followed him outside.

And we chatted.

He chatted about his current “love” life – the girlfriend that isn’t the girlfriend. They have been broken up for four months apparently, after being together for around three years or so. We spoke about his daughter and where he was originally from. We talked about where we wanted to see ourselves, and what we hoped to achieve with our lives. It was one of those conversations that only stoners will truly understand. It’s a stoner conversation.

He likes shoes. I like shoes. We like the same music. We have the same obsession with labels and clothes. We both smoke too much dope. We’ve both made some pretty bad decisions in our lives. It turns out, he’s not a bad guy actually. Perhaps I judged him a little too soon.

Of course, it was only after that I realised what was going on here. Or what could be going on anyway. He’s hitting on me, isn’t he? Is he? I sure hope not. I’m only just coming around to barely liking the guy, let alone dealing with a crush. Fuck that. Na-uh.

Bestie has picked up on a few things over the last few weeks. The Lethario spotted me doing some interior design work and went out and bought a new bed, new cutlery and crockery, a new desk, and new clothes. He’s started to cook more after spotting either Bestie or I cooking. The guys in this house live on take out. I think they are amazed at what we can whip up in the kitchen when we put our heads to it.

Perhaps we’re reading too much into it. I’m older than he is, and from the sounds of it, his love life is already fairly complicated. No doubt this is a tale that will continue. It’s good… Life hasn’t been exciting for a while 😉

Oh, and now the Lethario and I are Instagram friends…

Pretty sure he's hitting on me

So yeah, I’m pretty sure he’s hitting on me.

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