Two Years Ago Today…Again

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A video came up on my Facebook post earlier of The Lapdog’s nephew. He is two years old today. Do you know what that means? That, ladies and gentlemen, means that exactly two years ago today, I went to see the new baby in the hospital, still fucked on MDMA, after a night of serious hardcore fucking with The Lapdog.

The Lapdog is someone that pops up very early on in my blog (for those that haven’t been with me since the beginning), and is a serious pain in my ass quite frankly. He’s popped back up again recently, and I had wondered why. Now I know.

It started with a quiet night at his, chilling on the bed, watching a film. It wasn’t long before we found ourselves sucking back MDMA like it was going out of fashion. MDMA that he just so happened to have in a DVD case on a shelf above his bed. Now, I don’t know about you guys but when I’m on that stuff, I’m a FRISKY little devil. Like super frisky. I’ve had the CRAZIEST sex with him on that stuff and I won’t lie, I fucking love it. I’m probably not allowed to admit that but whatever, I just did. I’m a 20-something girl and I’ve experimented with drugs.

I remember being bent over his bed as he pounded me from behind. I also remember sucking his dick… a lot. In fact, quite a lot of this was happening:


(Yes, he’s a big boy, and yes I did fit it all in!)

The sex we had that night was insane. Out of this world stuff. It might even have been that night that I sucked him to a dramatic climax all over my face in his garage as we smoked a cigarette. Man that guy could cum like thunder!

See that’s the thing about him. He got somethin’ going on. His pheromones work with my pheromones, and even though I’m not and never have been that interested in him as a boyfriend, as a lover he really flicks my switch. One minute we can be casually sat in his car eating junk food, and the next I’m sucking his dick as he grasps the steering wheel with one hand and pushing my head further down on his manhood with the other. That’s literally what happens. We can go from zero to horny in the blink of an eye. That’s one of the things I think I kinda loved about him. In whatever sense of the word. I’m not analysing it right now.

He recently popped back into my world with an almighty thud like he always does, and although I told him flat out where to go, there’s always going to be a part of me that misses nights like that with him. Funnily enough, we had another MDMA-fuelled fuck-fest a couple of other times… Once at his sister’s wedding when we went to the club afterwards dressing in our full wedding attire. And another time when we were at a birthday party for the same sister’s twins. We’d always find a way to escape and drug ourselves up before relenting into a night of insane passion… We’d always cry and confess our undying love to each other. That’s what you do on drugs like that. To be honest, that just made it all worse.

He had false hope because of those drug-fuelled nights, and although I DO miss him, and there is a part of me that “kinda” loves him, he’s not the kind of guy I’m looking for. Nor is he the kind of guy I want. I can find too many flaws about him. He’s not the right guy for me.

I sure wish I could fuck him right now though. Fuck him like I did two years ago today…




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