Big Love…The Tale. Meet Number 29.

I realised today that I talk about Big Love a lot, and mention a few of the things that happened between us, however I haven’t actually properly introduced him. Or told you our story. And to be honest, it was a pretty intense story.


We met in a war zone, and both of us were civilian contractors out there. He was from one side of the world, and I was from the other. I was married to a man that I could no longer stand being in the company of. He had separated from his wife and was in the process of getting divorced. I remember our first meeting on the benches, in the sun outside the store that I was working in. He was drinking his drink, looking cool and a mutual friend introduced us. Apparently, we had met before that. He later told me that I had served him the store and called him “sweetheart”. That sparked his interest, but he hadn’t quite yet struck mine, it would seem.


We spent a couple of hours together in the sun that day, talking and laughing, sharing tales and stories. The day lead to the evening, and that was it for me. I was pretty much smitten. Every day from that point we spent at least some of our free time together, and it wasn’t long before we were in the back of the cinema, making out, his hands pulling at the buttons on my jeans. Someone interrupted us that night, but if we hadn’t been walked in on, I don’t think either of us would have had the power to stop.

For almost six months we spent all of our spare time together. He went away on leave for a month, and visited another part of the world, and when he came back I had arranged a hotel room (yes, in a war zone!) and managed to order in some naughty white lingerie that I knew would tickle his fancy. Let’s just say it all had the desired effect.

Six months later, I left the war zone and left my husband. I packed up my shit as fast as I could before he also got home from the war zone. We had broken up before anything happened between Big Love and I. That’s another story for another day though.

Big Love was meant to have been in the war zone for a few months more, but he left and came to my side of the world for a couple of months instead. I guess we were going to see where it went… He couldn’t live over there without seeing me. It all ended up with me moving to the other side of the world for almost two years. I’m still not entirely sure how that happened.

We had a beautiful relationship and we explored a lot of the world together. We drove from one end of the country to the other on his side of the world, and I saw things that I didn’t think I would ever see. I saw the Northern Lights. I saw a mama and baby black bear playing in the woods. I went into clubs I wouldn’t have taken a second glance at, and got muddy in places so beautiful, you’d only think they existed in paintings and pictures. I quad-biked, and mountain-climbed, and 4×4’d, and hiked, and swam, and boated, and flew, and scooted around on a big inflatable ring on both water and snow, I snowboarded (very badly) for the first time, and I even went wakeboarding. Well, I tried. Apparently I didn’t have the upper body strength back then to pull myself up. Sure had fun getting dragged around behind a boat on the lake though! 😉

He showed me so many new things, and I had the most amazing experiences with him. I couldn’t have imagined right there at the beginning that we would end in quite the way we did. Again, I’m still not sure how that happened.

As I look back through photos of us, (which is clearly what prompted this post in the first place) I remember how happy I was in each and every one of them. That photo of us at Niagara Falls where we’re both squinting and there’s a fat Chinese man photobombing us. I remember being so happy about that photo, and it was only later on when we got home that I realised we were squinting in very unattractive ways because the sun was so bright, my boobs were basically falling out of the pretty summer dress I had ridiculously chosen to wear for the event, and it sure did make us laugh.

I remember the first photo of us that I put on Facebook. I had hidden the knowledge of my relationship with Big Love for many months because there were a lot of people unaware that I had chosen to leave The Hubby. It was our first public announcement, as such, and it attracted quite a lot of attention.

I remember the photos from my themed birthday party over on his side of the world, and how much fun we had that night, having mini dance-offs in the middle of my living room before heading to the local club. Looking back at those photos makes me sad sometimes. I was so happy. How on earth did we pull each other to shreds in the way we did?! As I ask before… where does the love go???

He was my fairytale prince. He bought me the expensive designer shoes that I never thought I would be able to afford. He gave me the opportunity to do things like sky diving, which to be fair, I probably wouldn’t have had the balls to do if it weren’t for him egging him on. Funnily enough, it was the sky diving date that lead to the dramatic decline of our relationship…

And then he broke my heart…


Keep your eyes peeled for part two of our tale!

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