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What I Like About Being a Girl

I came across a post from Life of a Lover Girl that blow me away and gave me inspiration for a whole bunch of stuff for the blog. I love it when I come across a post that does that to me. My fingers go into overdrive, jotting down all these notes that I want to talk about. Thanks for that chick! Loved reading it!

In the blog she writes about online dating from a male perspective, which is something I’d love to try, but it also made me think about all the GREAT things about being a girl. We give guys a hard time sometimes, and we should give them a break. After all, don’t us girls kinda abuse being girls a bit?

I like being a girl because…

photoFirstly, I get away with so much shit if I cry. Or flutter my eyelashes. I was blessed with ridiculously long eyelashes that I make look beautiful with smart mascara usage, and baby-blue eyes that would melt even the coldest of hearts. Combine that with permanently pinky-red lips that are both nicely plump AND have that whole “cupid’s bow” thing going on, and there’s not much I can’t get away with. I totally abuse the way I look, especially now I’m much slimmer. I’ve got a cute face. Enough people tell me; that’s not me being up my own ass. You can hate me now 😉

I take for granted that he SHOULD pay for dinner on the first date, open the door for me, carry my bags, etc. I was blessed with a best friend that I have managed to mould into pretty much my perfect guy. This is bad for him because it means no other girl is ever going to be good enough to be his girlfriend, but also good for him because I take care of him and he understands women. I should probably talk about Bestie at some point, and the odd relationship we have. It’s one that no one understands… Maybe later I’ll fill you in.

Back to the topic in hand, and let’s face it; it doesn’t really matter how badly a girl behaves, there’s a good chance that she’s still going to get the guy, and get her drinks paid for that night. If she’s hammered-drunk, hanging off a pole in the middle of a club, clunge hanging out all over the place, she’s not going to need to pay for her drinks or a cab because the guys looking for an easy lay are going to jump on that like a tramp on chips. On the other end of the scale, and you could be completely dignified, making him wait three or four dates before he gets the “golden ticket” and always remembering to cross your legs when you are wearing a skirt, and you’ll STILL get the guy.

Girls get laid so easy, it’s a joke. I’m never short of male admirers, even when I was at my heaviest weight, and I often wonder how I managed to get the guys I did. I was most definitely punching well above my weight on more than one occasion.

Guys have gotta behave a certain way when they are dating, especially if they want the nicer girls; the girls that don’t beaver-out at any occasion. A man can’t get hammered drunk and hang off a pole, still expecting to take someone home later on that night. There’s so much pressure on the guy to be the respectable gentlemen, and all the girls need to worry about is what shoes go with that jacket. Come on – it’s not really that big of a decision in the grand of scheme of things, is it? I expect my man to save me from a zombie apocalypse and prevent me from getting murdered on a daily basis. I need a silver back gorilla. That’s why I’m glad I’ve got one.

e31f5b267cef1d5688943756dcd0bab4I love being a girl because of the dress-up factor. Now I’ve lost a bit of weight, I’m ore adventurous with my wardrobe choices and I’m finding all these new ways to let my personality out in the way I dress. I’m having so much fun piecing that dress with those shoes, and I’m even buying outfits and garments that I would never before have dreamed about wearing. I love that part of being a girl; the men have a bum deal of things if they are into fashion, I think. There’s only so many ways you can wear a pair of trousers, right? Lol!

Girls abuse so many things to make life easier for them. I’m all for equality, for example, unless it comes to throwing around the vacuum cleaner and then it is most definitely a “blue job”.

I do pink jobs, Bestie does blue jobs… It’s as simple as that. However, if you tell me that Bestie should get paid more for doing the blue jobs, I’d have a shit fit. Every woman I’ve ever met plays on the equality card when it suits them. I’m all for getting muddy and doing a spot of DIY or Playstation playing to show off my masculine side, but expect me to get rid of that massive spider on the stairs and you can fuck right off. Sod equality when there’s a spider or a wasp in my house…

Of course, there is one MASSIVE benefit to being a girl. This is one that outweighs them all in my opinion. It’s the fact that people don’t expect me to have done half the shit I’ve done in my life. I’m two years and three months from thirty, yet I’ve done more than most guys my age could even begin to think of. I’ve travelled to the other side of the world and back. I’ve lived in some of the most beautiful and breath-taking countries on the planet. I’ve seen beautiful sights like Niagara Falls and the Northern Lights. I’ve seen a Mama black bear play with her cub. I’ve found a way to make money from the comfort of my own pyjamas. I’ve been to a war zone and been showered with rockets. I’ve been stood three feet away from a suicide bomber. I’ve drunk my own body weight in alcohol, and then some more. I’ve done more drugs than you’d ever expect a girl that looks like me to do. I’ve jumped out of a plane. I’ve cut down a tree with a chain saw. I’ve snowboarded down the Rocky mountains. Need I go on? I’m a pretty adventurous girl.

34be1e7d3936320178bcc3691b3da2bfWhen you look at me now, I’m a UK size 10 girl with Barbie blonde hair (well actually, right now my hair is pink because I can’t work out what is going on with it), massive baby-blue eyes, massive knockers, stupidly high impractical shoes, a Barbie fetish, and a passion for anything pink. When I tell these guys I’ve been to a war zone, they look at me in complete disbelief. When I tell them I got myself a medal, they ask to see it, and I know it’s because they think I’m talking shit. Jock was in the military and still never went to where I went. I love surprising guys with shit like that. It makes me feel empowered. When I also tell them that I own two successful money-making websites, an anonymous blog, I work in the mobile industry, and I’m a freelance writer, they know they are dealing with someone special. I have a lot of shit going on in my life and I fucking love it. And the adventures that it takes me on.

Life is hard for girls, don’t get me wrong. There are a million and one things I could list for what I hate about being a chick. Periods, pregnancy, hormones, weight gain, not understanding men… I could go on. At the same time, however, you have handbags, big cuddles from hot men, Rampant Rabbits, Christian Louboutins, Dairy Milk chocolate bars, Disney, men having to buy your drinks in the bar, men waiting twenty minutes for you to get ready, wedding dresses, cooing over cute friends’ babies… Need I go on?

Is life really that hard for a girl? Well, I don’t think so. But then again, I use my feminine powers like they are something out of X-Men so maybe I’m just a smart girl?

And they say we leave games in the playground 😉


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7 Thoughts to “What I Like About Being a Girl”

  1. It’s so true, women really do have it made, especially if you are even moderately attractive, and single. Guys will do all your dirty work for you, lol. I have never bothered to learn how to do things like change my oil or a tire because I know damn well if my car breaks down there will be a man there to do it all for me in an instant. Men are awesome, we just need to remember to give them more credit for all they do for us. 😉

  2. I’m a dude. I wore a uniform and jumped out of an airplane, but fortunately they didn’t need a jungle unit in the desert. 🙂 I’m impressed you’ve been to some far away places…thanks for that. Not sure why you don’t understand men…I mean, I’m a complicated one and it still mostly comes down to frank and the twins. What they want, I want. 😉

    I so agree that at least marginally attractive women have it easy. I too am for equality, but a lot of women really abuse this. Same work, same pay. But if you take 3 years off, or work from home to take care of your kids, this is not the same work. That’s just bullshit. I don’t go to a 9-5 to help support YOUR family. Clock the same years, or expect to make 75% what the men do. And yes, women make 80% coming out of college, but more guys study accounting than art, etc, not mention tend to have worked a few part-time jobs instead of living on dad’s plastic. I’d vote for Hillary in a minute, will always be pro-choice, pro-equality, and pro-pussy. Still…equality is not a blank check to just get whatever the fuck you want. The men don’t. The modern problem, at least for me, is that now, I have to compete with half of women for seniority, but the other half of the women still expect me to be the 1950’s Mr. Cleaver and support a family of four and all of the American luxuries. How can I do that when 1% is robbing the country blind, and 50% of women think daddies’ plastic never ends?

    I so wish I could smile at the bar and instantly get laid by someone who doesn’t have herpes. I might not be so jaded about the above. 🙂

  3. Cait

    This whole blog was just some bimbo bragging about her perfect life, amazing eyes, and whipped “bestie” NO ONE CARES! No one cares what you look like or how you manipulate men, what a boring, pre-pubescent outlook on life. Get a grip.

    1. Yet you feel the need to comment? Thanks for reading! AND commenting 😉

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