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Why Do Boys Talk to Me Like That? Meet Number 29!

I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned this guy before. He’s Number 29 on the list – The Prison Warden. He’s not a prison warden anymore. In fact, I think he’s gone into politics which is partly why he has gotten back in touch. We haven’t really spoken that much – he happened to come into where I work one day and we exchanged numbers again. He was a guy I had a weird threesome with when I was with the Hubby. Pretty sure I also cheated on the Hubby another night with him too.

This is going to get a bit confusing. The reason I knew him was because he was going out with the girl that Number 3 (The Bad Memory) once dated, and had a kid with. Make sense? Didn’t think so… Lol!

Anyway… back to the story. He has suddenly popped up again outta nowhere. We’ve had each other’s numbers for almost a year with barely any contact at all. Now he’s messaging me every day. It’s been verging on flirty but in that weird way that guys do it… Talking about sex. Just this morning I learned that he wanted a threesome with his girlfriend and another guy because his focus on her and he wants her to have as make fun as he can, even if it means not with him. What the fuck? Why do boys talk to me like that?

Firstly, why the fuck would I want to know that? Secondly, ew. I’ve had him in bed and I don’t remember either occasion. Clearly it can’t have been that good. The first time; the threesome, the Hubby and I were in bed and the Prison Warden was on the couch. In the middle of the night, Hubby and I were trying to get down to business and the Prison Warden storms into my room with his football socks pulled up as high as they will go, flashing us a bit of leg. We were all a little pissed to be fair, but it was as weird as it sounds.

Long story short, he ended up in bed with us. I was in the middle of a sausage sandwich and while the Hubby got to work on sorting me out with his hands, the Prison Warden blurted up my back. The Hubby wouldn’t let him “enter” me, you see, so he had to deal with just my hand and a quick grope of my boobs. In fact, does that even count as a threesome? Now I’ve said it, I’m not so sure.

Back to the topic in hand and I genuinely don’t understand why people, sorry boys, feel the need to talk to me about their sex lives. I’m not THAT girl anymore, and we definitely don’t have that kinda relationship. It’s not like there was any build up to it either. Just BOOMI like threesomes with other men!

Okay then. Freak.

Funnily enough, Number 29 is not the only man that has occupied my thoughts this morning. My Mr. Grey has popped up out of nowhere again, which is really weird as I was thinking to myself just last night how I fancied a nice night of kinky fuckery and got myself off to the memories of our last visit.

He told me that he had a dream about me last night that was so good, and so real, he woke up with beads of sweat running down his body and had the same body temperature as the heat on the sun. Blimey. I do miss My Mr. Grey, I won’t lie. We don’t talk that much anymore. I got Jock now, while he’s still casually fucking anything that moves and happens to glance in his direction.

I do miss the sex though. Sex with Jock is mind-blowingly great, don’t get me wrong, but sex with My Mr. Grey is different. Does that make sense?

The thing that gets me is that both of these men know I am dating someone. They both know this, they’ve both commented on it, they’ve both asked how my relationship is going, and they are both aware that everything is going on perfectly. What gives them the right to still have these conversations with me? What makes them thin that they can still talk to me about completely inappropriate things. If Prison Warden’s girlfriend were to read those messages, would she be happy? I very much doubt it. At the same time, if Jock were to see those messages, he’d flip his lid. He would see that I hadn’t responded to the messages in a sexual manner AT ALL, but that’s not the point.

I used to be a certain kind of girl so, to some extent, I do expect people to still think I would be THAT person. But surely they could see I wasn’t by my Facebook page, which is always dignified and positive at all times. I don’t air dirty laundry on my Facebook page, I don’t put bad photos on my Facebook page… I’m very anal about things. That’s probably more than a little vain but to be honest with you, I couldn’t really care less. That’s MY page so I’ll put what I want on it.

These guys can see that I’m not that kinda girl anymore, but still, they talk to me in a way that probably would have still been a tad inappropriate back then. Why?

For now, I’m happy just ignoring the messages I don’t really like. It still pisses me off though. So guys, don’t do it. Don’t talk to me like that.

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2 Thoughts to “Why Do Boys Talk to Me Like That? Meet Number 29!”

  1. Honestly, they have objectified you. You created a slutty persona “back then” and nostalgia glasses morph those memories into the porn fantasy. If they thought of you as a person, they wouldn’t do that. Getting someone to chat about really slutty or dirty things… it’s just them being ridiculous. It’s ok to talk about such things with your partner, or in an objective way on a blog about experiences maybe…but as a one on one with a long lost person or stranger…not normal.

    1. Not normal at all. And to be honest, it makes me uncomfortable. I haven’t been the “slutty” girl for many years. Dickheads!

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