Two Years Ago Today…

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Guess what I was doing two years ago today, ladies & gentlemen…

Remember The Lapdog? Well, I’m pretty sure I’ve already explained our relationship in rather too much detail over the course of this blog. These ones spring to mind, if you fancy taking a look into the past:

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Well, two years ago today and I was at a wedding with The Lapdog. It was his brother’s wedding and it was an amazing night. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned that particular night before. I’ll refresh your memory just in case.

0055f39bc7beadc938d9848622951765We weren’t together at this point but we were most definitely fucking. That night, we fucked good and proper. We went back to the hotel before we even got to the wedding reception and I dropped to my knees in the bathroom as I was touching up my makeup, giving him a little sneak preview into what might happen later on that night.

At the end of the night when everything was getting ready to shut down, a few of us had decided that we weren’t ready to stop drinking and partying just yet, and we headed to a club that was only a few moments down the road from us.

In full attire, the group of us went – the best men still in their suits and the bridesmaids still in their gowns. Before we got to the club, he handed me a small packet he had stored in his wallet… MDMA.

I’m not really sure what this drug is but man does everything feel good when you are on it! The whole night was a blur of dancing and drinking like crazy maniacs, and that was before we even got to the fun bit back at his hotel.

That whole night was full of lust from start to finish, and once the drugs had kicked in, love too. We were so in love with each other that night, everyone told us so. We were oblivious of course; well, I know I was.

We had some crazy sex that night. It was intense but very good. In fact, every time we took MDMA together, the night was astonishingly great. Every time… Especially the sex.

I wonder if The Lapdog remembers what we were doing two years ago today? I wonder if he remembers the sex we had that night. One thing is for sure, I can guarantee that he’s definitely not having that kinda sex with his vanilla girlfriend of a year plus… I’m not having sex like that with Jock. It’s not a bad thing. Just as I was saying to My Mr. Grey the other day though; sometimes I need a really naughty blow out. It’s not the sort of thing I can do with Jock. He’s done with the drug thing. In a way, I’m kinda glad of this but sometimes, like right now, all I want to do is get smashed on every feel-good drug I can get my hands on and party the night away, hopefully wrapping things up with a five hour sex session into the early morning that leaves my pussy on fire and my heart heavy.

It’s just like everything isn’t it? You always want what you can’t have. When I regularly sleep with My Mr. Grey, I crave a “normal” relationship with “normal” sex. Now I’m with Jock and things have quietened down a bit, I’m craving the drug-fuelled fuck tests that I used to have with The Lapdog. Go figure…

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