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50 Things I Can’t Stand

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I found a post on Helibob’s blog [no longer available] called 50 Things I Dislike, so I figured I’d go right ahead and borrow her idea. You can learn a little bit more about me!

I’d also love to hear what your dislikes are. Carry it on.

50 Things I Can’t Stand

1 – Bad kissers.

2 – Rude people.

3 – Bananas. So gross.

4 – Old people who try and learn how to use technology and fail miserably. I know they can’t help it and I know I’m a bitch for saying it, but I can’t stand it.

5 – Yellow. The whole colour makes me cringe.

6 – The fact that I’m always late for everything. Literally everything.

7 – Girls who choose to wear REALLY THIN leggings as trousers. They aren’t outerwear if they’re that thin, peeps. The material is too thin. I repeat: the material is too thin. Cover that ass over, for the love of God.

8 – Bees and wasps.

9 – Bad manners.

10 – Star Wars. Anything to do with it.

11 – Spiders.

12 – Big gold jewellery.

13 – Waiting for people/the microwave/deliveries/anything.

14 – Anti-gay protesters. Honestly, what’s the point?

15 – Racists.

16 – Tomatoes.

17 – The sound of a baby screaming.

18 – Joop! For men.

19 – People who borrow money or things and then never give them back.

20 – Fake designer handbags and shoes.

21 – Guys who wear black shoes with white socks.

22 – Talking to people first thing in the morning.

23 – Cucumbers.

24 – People who can’t spell.

25 – Peppers on my pizza.

26 – The dark. I’m a bit scared of it.

27 – Bad customer service.

28 – People who choose to hurt animals.

29 – When you have an outfit for a super cute outfit in your head, but then when you put it on, it looks nothing like you hoped.

30 – People who have full dramas on Facebook. I’m down for the entertainment and all, but why are we airing our dirty linen in public?

31 – People who say something really BIG and DRAMATIC as a Facebook status and then refuse to tell you what the drama is about. “Inbox me, hun.”

32 – Hayfever on the way to work that makes my eyes water and my makeup run.

33 – Randos on the street that come over and try to talk to me.

34 – Really hot men that have ZERO personality.

35 – My period.

36 – People who chew the ends of their pens.

37 – Outwardly judgement people. I’m only inwardly and bloggy judgement, it’s totally not the same.

38 – People who don’t know the right your/you’re to use.

39 – Complete silence. It freaks me out.

40 – Boys who won’t take the hint and just FUCK OFF.

41 – Paper cuts.

42 – Guys who cry at awkward moments, like breakups. It makes me awkward and then I start to cry. I hate crying.

43 – People who interrupt me mid-sentence so I have to trail off and pretend I wasn’t even talking about something in the first place.

44 – People who ask me questions and then answer their own questions before I’ve even had a chance to open my mouth.

45 – Failing. Just … failing.

46 – Clingy men who want to be around me ALL THE TIME. (Cough cough, One Ball.) 

47 – Bad hair days.

48 – Being put on the spot and not knowing what to say or do.

49 – Bad breath.

50 – Missing phone calls from people you actually want to talk to.


Now it’s your turn.

What do you hate the most?





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