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Friday’s breakup film went out the window. Firstly, I was pissed. Secondly, I went to a concert and had a rocking time.

Why was I pissed? Well, One Ball and I had plans this weekend. We were going to hang out on Saturday night, and Sunday, because I had the entire day off work, we were going to have a picnic, weather permitting. If the picnic was off, we were going to spend the day together doing something – perhaps dinner, walking, talking, ice skating, etc.

Anyway, he cancelled. One of his kids was sick, and he to drive to where they were with the Mother to take care of the other four, while the one was in the hospital with a temperature or whatever.

I do appreciate that I have absolutely no right to be angry about the cancelled plans, especially as he had been honest about having kids from the start. I say honest; he actually lied about how many kids he had. First it was three, then it was five. He lied because he hadn’t dated much since the divorce, and the women that he had dated had basically laughed in his face when he told them that he had five kids. He was married and with the ex-wife for a long time, and all the kids were with her. Even still, did this guy not have a television?! Five kids is a bit extreme, especially when you consider that he is only on the downside slope to 30.

I explained to him that the fact that he had kids at all was a big thing for me – I never date guys with kids, simply because I’m not that great with them. I couldn’t have cared less if he had three kids, five kids, or a hundred kids; they were a LONG way off being in my life, and he should never have lied. We got over this, of course, and are stumbling along just fine. Ish…

Anyway, I know I am selfish, and getting angry over the cancelled plans is a tad out of order, but this is exactly why I don’t date guys with kids – I hate being cancelled on! I am flaky, and always late for everything, but it doesn’t mean I have to like it when I am left waiting, or stuck without plans. I now have nothing to do this weekend, and I’m not getting laid. Perfect. Pffft!

Up until now, his kids haven’t bothered me. He spends two weekends per month with them, which means I get two weeks out of the month to do whatever it is that I want to do. I don’t have to meet them because they live a long way away from me, and we haven’t had any money problems as yet, which I am expecting to happen at some point because he has five kids and it’s the run up to Christmas. This weekend was the first weekend that his kids have played havoc with my life, and if I’m completely honest, I don’t really like it.

At my age, guys having kids is something I have to get used to. The guys I’m coming across are either too young for me, old enough for me but no one would have kids with, or already have kids. This is even more so the case for the town that I live in, which is full of undesirable people. You know the type – they wouldn’t be out of place on an episode of the Jeremy Kyle show. I can understand a guy having one kid, but five? This means the risk of them interfering in our “whatever it is” is five times higher!

Of course this brings me to a problem – how much do I really like this guy? We click on a few levels, but not all the time. I am definitely thinking of him more than I have in recent posts here on my blog. The sex is out of this world, and he is full of compliments for me. He actually said this to me –

“I want to treat you like a Princess, and fuck you like a whore!”

Could this guy BE any more perfect for me? He’s funny, smart, cute (his looks are definitely growing on me), kind, great in bed, has a pretty awesome cock, and has the best smell EVER. All those good points and five big negatives – the kids. Oh and another negative – I’m STILL a smoker despite repeated attempts to give up, and he doesn’t smoke. I guess that’s not really a negative though; perhaps it’ll be the encouragement I need to actually give up once and for all.

I just don’t know what I want to do about this guy. I do like him, but I’m not sure if we are more “friends with benefits” than relationship material. I know one thing though – I’m going to need to make up my mind, and pretty damn fast. He’s already very much into me, to the point where he has told me he is starting to fall for me. His work also offered to let him move back up to where his kids are, and he said no…. because of me. He is only down my way for another month and a bit, as he is here on a course. They offered to let him “go home” sooner, and he said no because of me!!! What the hell am I meant to do about this now? Which brings me to another point – I don’t think My Mr. Grey and I are meant to be dating other people….

Despite my repeated attempts to find out what is going on with us, I still haven’t had much of a response one way or another, which meant that I started dating again – One Ball. He told me the other night that he was basically waiting for me to decide that I want babies and then he will have them with me. It wasn’t a completely random remark; I was watching a baby related program on the TV and we were discussing it via text. I’ve not seen him since our two day fuck fest in August, and I wasn’t under the impression that we were “together” seeing as he avoided all attempts I had made to talk about it. However, he is now making plans to find work down here so that he can be closer to me, as well as talking about me going to see him for New Year’s. I think I may have misjudged the entire situation, and left myself in somewhat of a pickle.

As usual, my love life is catching up with me and biting me on the ass. The Guy I couldn’t get rid of is trying to worm his way back in – he lost his job (HA! Karma!) and had a date last night. Apparently this single Mama fucked him until all hours this morning….. on a first date? How classy! I think he’s trying to make me jealous again, but don’t worry folks, I’m not buying it.

My weekend will now consist of sex-texting My Mr. Grey, wondering what I should do about One Ball, and making The Guy I couldn’t get rid of feel bad about himself because I have a job and he doesn’t.

Oh the joys….

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