It’s Question time!

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I came across this on another blog – Diary of a Cheating Whore and thought I’d have a bash myself. Why not share and let me know your answers too?

1. Who is your closest celebrity look-alike? And, who do you think is sexier, you or the celeb?

I was once told I looked like the crazy alien out of the film “The Faculty” which I’m assuming was a good thing; she was kinda pretty. I’m not sure who I look like now? Perhaps a little bit of the singer Pink? I reckon she’s sexier. I’m chubbier than she is! I actually asked My Mr. Grey which celebrity I most resembled and he replied with:

“I have no idea”

One Ball was asked the same question, and he responded with:

“Pink! Or Jenna Jameson”

I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this?

2. Who is the hottest male AND female celebrity you can think of? And, if the opportunity presented itself would you have sex with them?

Male celebrity – Channing Tatum. You’ve seen him dance to Pony in Magic Mike, right? I reckon he would be dynamite in bed. I would have sex with him in a heartbeat. My male celebrity changes regularly. I also fantasise regularly about Chris Brown. I shivered as I mentioned his name!

Female celebrity – Angelina Jolie. Or Rihanna. I imagine them both to be dynamite in bed.

3. What celebrity do you fantasize about, but wouldn’t admit it to your friends?

Sheldon Cooper from the TV show “The Big Bang Theory” I adore a good nerd, and he totally rocks my boat! He’d drive me mad though…. BAZINGA!

4. Have you ever watched a leaked celebrity sex tape? Who was it or were they and what did you think? What would you have done differently if you were in the video with them?

I have watched many – the Pamela Anderson & Tommy Lee one, the Kim Kardashian one, the Tulisa one, the Paris Hilton one, the Jordan one….

I was very disappointed by all of them, to be fair. The Kim Kardashian one is the best of a bad bunch. I would put much more effort in – sexy lingerie, fabulous dribbling & slapping around the face blowjobs, a REAL orgasm!

5. If you are in a relationship, is there anyone your partner knows that you have the ‘hots’ for and they give you the okay to be intimate with? Who would be theirs?

Any of the above fantasy celebrities. Famous people are allowed, but only a list of five. Any “real” people are not allowed.

6. If you could have dinner with anyone in the world, who would you choose and what would you give them for dessert?

Channing Tatum and the entire contents of the refrigerator, Nine and a Half Weeks style! (Watch it – it’s the film I always put on when I’m feeling kinky! Such a head fuck sexy film!)

Bonus: If you were offered the million dollar indecent proposal, what would your answer be and why?

Definitely. I love sex, I love money… I wouldn’t even have to think about it for a second. Would I tell anyone? Hell no!

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  1. puzzledpartner

    What celeb do you look like and you don’t offer up pictures? Foul pool!
    And none of my friends knew about the ‘list of five’…but my wife sure does! I always leave the last spot open since I never know who might come around the corner.


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