So, Today I Met a Boy …

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So today, I met a boy…

I’m getting old so the teenage crush moments that I have will be few and far between. This is my feeble excuse for an explanation as to why I’m about to have a very pathetic excuse for a blog post.

So Today I Met a Boy...

I have been speaking to his guy that we shall call One Ball. We shall name him this because he told me he only had one ball; he was born that way. We met on the same online dating website that I met the Guy I Couldn’t Get Rid Of, and Number 33 – The Prick. We have been talking for a while. We have spoken about many things – he’s divorced, I’m divorced. Well, trying to be anyway. He’s in the military, has three kids, is leaving the military, and only has one ball. Hence the name.

He kept asking me out on a date, I kept putting it off. Tonight I met him after work for a coffee. I lied and said I was on antibiotics so therefore couldn’t drink, and that I had plans later on that night, and therefore couldn’t stay long. He’s not that attractive, so I wouldn’t imagine I was going to be at all into him. He also has kids – me and kids do not get on. He’s from where I’m from, and I hate the boys around here; especially the accents. It grates on me, and I cannot stand it.

Well, it turns out that I actually quite like him. He’s funny. I was in stitches for most of the night. He is easy to talk to, about everything and anything. Because of similar background experiences, we have a lot in common and we can empathise with each other. He’s also not as bad looking as I thought he was. There is actually something very appealing about him, and I can’t work out what it is. He’s blonde and I don’t normally do those. He’s also pretty short, so I couldn’t wear heels around him. I quite liked his style thought – easy and breezy. Jeans, hoodie and black DC sneakers.

We did coffee, and we talked. Then we walked and we talked. Then we sat and we talked. We’re at our own houses right now, and we are still talking. I could talk to this guy all day. And I guess I have been, and didn’t actually realise. He was funny, I felt natural. I didn’t pretend to be someone or something I’m not. I was just…

He walked me to my bus home, and we leaned together…. I hugged and cheek kissed, he just looked bloody uncomfortable. All the way I was thinking a whole bunch of things.

Did I misread it all? Was the kiss inappropriate of me? Maybe he’s not a first date kinda guy? Maybe he doesn’t like me?

So Today I Met a Boy..

I got home and found this message on my phone:

“Sorry about the awkward kiss/cuddle thing. I’m not very good at that.”

Oh my god he does like me! Oh and before I go any further, his spelling is atrocious and I don’t even care! That’s one of my biggest complaints!

This guy has something going on that I don’t even get. I really like him. I wish he had kissed me, and I’m smiling like a crazy bitch every time he texts me. He had the power to brighten up a really shitty day. I shall get to this now.

The Guy I Couldn’t Get Rid Of is an actually crazy head fuck. He was texting me all day yesterday, telling me wanted me back, and he would do anything to do it. Then he suggested just sex. Of course, I responded to this by saying that I didn’t think just sex from him would be possible, and I didn’t believe it was a good idea.

He fucking lost it. He started telling me that the girl he pissed me off with the other day had left his an hour ago, he was fucking gagging for sex, he used her for sex, that’s all he wants from me. Then, THEN, he sent me a screen shot of their conversation!!! What the fuck is this guy on? This went on for a long time, with me trying to ignore his skank-ness, and eventually, after what felt like a million messages later, I lost it. I sent one text message:

“Please don’t text me again. Ever.”

Then I blocked him. He sent me a text and tried to call, so I added him to my reject list. Then he sent me a message on Facebook, so I blocked him. Then he sent me a message on the dating website. So I blocked him on that as well. He sent a couple more messages, all apologising, and a voicemail message, and that was it. I have blocked him in every way that I can, and he knows full well I have deleted him from my life. This asshole is finished with.

I am also putting My Mr. Grey on the back burner. He won’t answer me with a straight answer, so I’m not waiting around for him to never make up his mind. I understand he may be shy, nervous, whatever, but I deserve better than a maybe, especially if he “loves” me as much as he says to me he does.

So for now, I’m revelling in my crush. And I will continue to talk about it. I’m trying to push the conversation towards a sexual direction, just to see if we would be compatible in THAT department. It might be a bit early though, I guess? Who cares. I’m enjoying it!


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