Date Number Four With Someone New.

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So ladies and gentlemen, I have good news to report. Someone New and I finally managed to get our shit together and made it to the bedroom and let me tell you, date four was every bit as exciting and thrilling as I thought it would be. The perfect way to start four weeks of no sex…. I shall go into that later.

He met me from the station on Tuesday evening and we grabbed some groceries for dinner. Back at his, awkward and nervous at the start as always, he rallied around cooking me dinner, making me comfortable on the couch, grabbing me a blanket and more. Honestly, he couldn’t have been more attentive if he tried. He even hid five Kinder Eggs (my favourite chocolate) around the house in places he knew I’d find them. Is this is a good sign? Or is he just trying to make a good impression at the start? You know how most guys are all hearts, flowers, romance and thoughtfulness until they actually get you and then they no longer try quite so hard…

We snuggled on the couch while he royally fucked up dinner by not putting the oven on the right temperature (which he later tried to blame on me – kinda hoping he was joking!), but it wasn’t just one-sided fuckery; I managed to knock over and smash a full glass of wine. Great job considering he was house sitting and it wasn’t even his carpet… or glass! Ooops! I get so clumsy sometimes!

After a bit of serious making out on the couch, he ordered me to go upstairs to bed. He’s very good at that – ordering me. “Sit on the couch”, “I’m about to brush my teeth, you should go first”, “Put these cushions under your ass”, “Watch me while I play with myself”….

I think I’m right with my previous predictions – he is most definitely a control freak. A ‘Mr. Grey’ type control freak, I think. From a very early point he repeatedly said “You are mine” – a similarity I noticed when I watched Fifty Shades of Grey – something else I should probably talk about.

He wouldn’t let me help with the cooking. He wouldn’t let me help with the clearing up. He refused to let me move, bringing my wine to me, my dinner to me, a cloth for when I smashed that glass. In one sense, it’s really nice being catered to but on the other side, it’s really intimidating in a weird sort of way. Plus I’m starting to wonder if I would last in a relationship with a control freak. I can’t be controlled. Everyone knows that, right?

Date Number Four With Someone New.

He was very dominant in bed though. For someone that told me he wanted me to tie him up and have my wicked way with his body, he didn’t give me much of a chance. Plus I was really nervous despite the one and a half glasses of wine I had drunk. I don’t think I gave him a very good representation of what I’m really like in bed but it looks like he’s willing to wait the four weeks until we can next have sex. Maybe I’ll get the chance to show him the real me after all?

First time sex is always clumsy sex. It doesn’t matter how good you are in the sack, shit always goes wrong the first time you sleep with someone new, someone shiny, someone you’ve never touched before. Luckily, not too much went wrong but there were a couple of things – he lost the plugs out of his ears and I lost my nose stud, the dog had managed to earlier chew through an entire packet of chewing gum and we were forced to feed her this awful charcoal stuff that went everywhere and stained our clothes. Plus the wine glass smashing incident, and him putting the oven on 80 degrees instead of 180 and then later trying to blame it on me. He made lasagne for dinner, with popcorn for later even though I can’t eat dairy (cheese on the lasagne) and popcorn is definitely one of the food no-no’s with my diverticulitis. I ate the food anyway because I didn’t want to be a fussy eater or an ungrateful cow, and was so petrified about going to the toilet the next morning that I ended up being constipated for a couple of days after. Plus we couldn’t get the shower to work and it was freezing cold, and then we flooded the bathroom, I managed to make the sink leak as there was a crack in the bowl and I overfilled it whilst brushing my teeth. Oh and I forgot the condoms and my toothbrush. I bought condoms on the way and yet still managed to forget my toothbrush, and in the end he remembered to bring our little rubbery friends too! I’ll put it down to nerves on both sides but things didn’t exactly go according to plan…

… Until we got into bed. My body reacted very well to his body, let’s put it that way, and even now, three days later, my butt cheeks still ache after the extra activity it was forced to do during Tuesday night’s shenanigans! I was on my side, on my back, on top of him, on my front, bent over the bed, you name it, we did it. I sucked him to a beautiful finish on the couch to get the first one out of the way. I didn’t want him to cum too early and ruin the evening so I did my girlfriendly duties and made Warm Bodies a film he won’t be forgetting in a hurry! 😉

Later on he came twice more, once kneeled over me, forcing me to watch him jerk himself off, finishing himself all over my chest and my stomach, and the second time making me watch again, while he finished himself off into my mouth. When this guy said he came a lot, he wasn’t kidding. Even the third time around there was more than I could handle! Luckily, the gentlemanly control freak kicked in within him and he grabbed me some Kleenex to mop myself up.

He’d already told me that he really liked it when his partner watched him jerk off and I’d had a few questions but never been brave enough to ask him. Like – what do I do while I’m watching you jerk yourself off? Am I meant to play with myself, because I’ll probably be too nervous to do that at the beginning? Where do I look? In your face? At your hands? Right at your cock? Am I expected to talk to you or just listen and learn? I didn’t really get the chance to ask those questions but it’s OK, we answered them all.

Playing with myself, stroking his body, playing with his balls, licking my lips, looking at him in the eyes as they roll back into the back of his head, feeling his legs tense up as he’s about to cum – all acceptable things to do apparently whilst watching the boyfriend jerk off all over you. I’ve never really watched someone jerk off over me, right in front of me before but I’ll be honest, it was perhaps one of the hottest experiences I’ve had. Watching his eyes lustily roam over my naked, squirming body as he moved his hands over his own cock was HOT! Knowing that I was having that effect on him was the biggest ego-booster I could have asked for. To be honest, we’d screwed for probably about an hour that night, and we were up at 6am doing it all over again so by the time he was done and finishing himself off both times, I was getting super sore. I don’t know why but it seemed he was having a hard time finishing off whilst screwing me…?

Still, I got laid. And you have no idea how happy I was at 7am the next morning too! 😉

3 thoughts on “Date Number Four With Someone New.

  1. Seb

    Informal and blogger pal version: Wait? What’s that I hear? THAT’S RIGHT, IT’S THE FUCKING SEX GONG.

    Gong on dudette, gong on.

    Formal professional version: Congratulations on your recent achievement, I am pleased for your progress.

    Kind regards,
    CEO of the World

  2. Karen

    You know me – I am the voice of the nastiest most man-hating bitch in the universe (and I hate it, cos we become what we say we are). You know the thing about the cooker temperature was a warning sign. You will ignore it (so did I). You are already in love with an illusion, and for a while he will prop that up by being it. Then he will let you down – because of his past. You will desperately try to save him with your love (so did I). You will fail (so did I). You will be utterly and completely broken (so was I), and then you will look deep within yourself, and you will heal (so did I).

    I thought about posting this when you met Jock, and I didn’t. Told myself it was me seeing shit. Now I know it was me seeing shit cos I was once you (as you know). Just take care. Love the sex, but don’t expect too much on the strength of it. But we, your readers, have known you ages, and we care about you, even if we aren’t there on the op. Good luck! xx


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